Feb. 2nd, 2016 07:56 pm
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It's up and down with kitty. Some days he eats relatively well, not on other days. His nose still seems blocked and he still has the swelling to the side of his nose (possibly part of blocking the nose). He also still has the weird thing that there seems to be something stuck in his mouth that he can't get out. Sometimes he even tries to claw it away (to no avail, since there is nothing visible).
At least he is FIV-negative. But his liver function is still bad. It's more or less the same as around new year when we[1] started going to the vet with him...
In theory they could do an ultrasound, but that is super stressful, since his belly would need to be shaven, and he doesn't like to be touched there.
Another new weird thing is that he doesn't want to lie down on his side any more; he keeps sitting down on his paws (and often even keeps his belly off the pillows he is sitting on).
In other things he is mostly still very normal, asking for food, cuddles, and headbutting.
We alternate in optimism and pessimism, but we do fear we'll have to "make him go asleep" when he starts suffering from clear pain...

[1] kitty lives with my gf in Berlin

In other news, my ADSL connection has been down now for nearly a week and that is very annoying for all mail addressed to my mailbox at my domain...


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