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The kitty is eating well now for some weeks. The trigger seemed to be force-giving him a particular antibiotic. Unfortunately he is not gaining any weight. And by now it is pretty clear that he does have some kind of malignant swelling. You can see that his face is swollen and the side of his neck is also visibly thicker. The eye on that side has that weird white film, which is covering it for a fairly large part now, and it is reddish. It even seems to bulge somewhat... all together it looks a lot bigger than on the other side. I haven't included a picture since it is a bit scary actually if you suddenly see it. That eye was already a different colour when my gf found the kitty, nearly 2 years ago. Maybe it was already a symptom?
Anyway, despite all this, he is in good spirits. He eats eagerly (even though the antibiotic was stopped a few weeks ago, when we finally dared to try it), and does things he never did before such as climbing on top of people. He even eats all food he never liked. But he is clearly weak and sometimes his balance is clearly lacking. And he still doesn't play with cat toys, even not with laser pointers.


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